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PMETs attended a 4 hour workshop by Mr André Cheong on interview techniques). What they liked most:

“Humorous trainer”

“Very relevant and insightful”

“Detailed explanations & presentations.”

“Good delivery by speaker and video content”


“Very interactive and brought in real life personal experience”

“Real life experiences”

“Trainer shared lots of experiences on interviewing techniques beyond text books or common knowledge”


“Informative and refreshing “

“The trainer is humorous and shared with us many practical examples and tips for interviews” 


” I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Andre Cheong for his time and efforts in guiding me towards my current job placement. I had been searching for a full-time position for a number of months since last year and had sent a number of resumes and used many job search portals without any success. This had affected my confidence and I questioned if I had any relevant and employable skills or experience at all. When I attended his workshop on 22 Feb, I did not have much expectation other than to understand how I could better chart my career direction. To my pleasant surprise, I gained so many valuable insights that day. Using the assessment tool available, Andre facilitated an engaging session and enabled me to discover my strengths and interests and also provided tips on how to customize one’s CV so as to stand out to the hiring manager, amongst other useful pointers. Following that session, we continued to keep in contact and had further one-to-one sessions where he guided me on the interview approach and how to develop one’s roadmap and chart pathways towards achieving one’s goals. Through Andre’s coaching, I was finally able to secure a good full time job and more importantly, he has helped to raise my confidence and belief in myself. Thank you for organizing such useful and engaging workshops and thank you Andre for empowering me to achieve success in my career.” – Mr K Kwa


Mr André Cheong delivers a well received workshop at the Academy of Singapore Teachers. 

What I liked most about this workshop:

“A lot of sharing!!!”


“The trainer answered our questions well.”

“The trainer is very engaging”

“Trainer sharing positive constructive tips and giving encouragement to do well for our upcoming interview. And his mini real life scenario.”

“How the trainer shared all his experiences. How the second trainer help us close certain gaps that we were unaware of”

“The tips and real world experiences given. Role playing by trainer Andre also is very helpful.”

“Trainer is very knowledge.”

“I enjoyed how the trainer is able to relate to real life situations.”

“The trainer is humorous”

“Trainer was able to provide new & interesting ideas & strategies for interviews that is very easy to use & keep in referance.”

“Andre shared a lot of real life examples and ways to perform during interview.”

“Very practical – shared real life examples, honest tips and not boring. Now I know better how to better prepare myself.”


More than 80 SUTD alumni members and university staff attended Guest Speaker Mr André Cheong’s delivery on career advice at One Marina Boulevard. 

“Concise presentation with good humor, engagement and analogies”

“Succinct and Informational”

“Short and impactful. “


“Good points to start thinking about such issues.”


André Cheong delivers an intensive workshop for more than 70 education specialists:

“This is great.  Keep it that way”

“Keep up the good work”

“The training is already good enough. Nothing will make it better.”

“Like it just the way it is. Thanks”

“A job well done!”

“Keep up with the hands on sessions and conducive environment”



Our Chief Executive, Mr André Cheong was guest speaker and shared valuable insights on “Secrets to a Successful Job Search”.  The event was held at Suntec City and was attended by more than 52,000 visitors.  It is Singapore’s largest job fair where premium employers, training providers and potential employees converge together in one venue.  

“Excellent. Should allocate more time”

“The speaker is very engaging and interesting”

“Your talk was great”

“Thank you Andre for your interesting talk and good sharing of knowledge at the recent ST Jobs fair”

“I think it was great”

“Interactive and relevant”

“Great Info”

“Very useful for the 3 important tips”

“Well done”


“Clear & useful”

“Useful in our daily job and preparation”

“Easy to understand”

“Clear. Not bored”

“Informative. Good. Thank you”



Our heartiest congratulations to Ram Dharmaraj on being conferred the highly prestigious Bintang Bakti Masyarakat (BBM) Public Service Star by Her Excellency, The President of the Republic of Singapore. The BBM (Public Service Star), first instituted in 1963, is awarded to any person who has rendered valuable public service to the people of Singapore or who has distinguished themselves in the field of arts and letters, sports, the sciences, business, the professions and the labour movement.


Our Chief Executive, Mr André Cheong was guest speaker recently at the Devan Nair Institute of Learning.  The event was attended by more than 150 people.

“Very motivating”

“Relevant and interesting”

“Delivery beyond my expectations!”

“It was a good session. Please organize more.”


Mr André Cheong conducts another successful workshop on “Successful Online Job Search”.

“Great job today!”

“Awesome trainer. Knowledgeable & approachable.”


“Hi Andre, thank you for the insightful facilitation. How I wish was a full day workshop……”

“Good enough. Great Job”

“Thanks Andre. The SOJS workshop is excellent and very informative. I will recommend to anyone searching for a job.”

“Thanks for the training and information. Good! Keep it up.”



Feedback from participants (What I Liked Most About This Workshop):

“Examples (Real-life) on what/how to do to ace your interview are being shared”

“Qualified head-hunter Andre trainer.  Qualified trainers (with relevant private sector experiences) very important. Hire the Best!!”

“Firstly trainer good spoken well. To be prepared and stand strong firm”

“Trainer Andre gave a lot of useful tips for interviewing jobs””

“Engaging with learners”

“Interaction between trainer & audience”


At a highly customised workshop, Mr André Cheong facilitates and coaches participants on how to create an effective career plan using psychometric/profiling assessment tools & techniques.  

“Well done!”

“Trainer was very engaging and there were very good takeaways. I believe this workshop is excellent and there are no improvements needed.” 

“Workshop a bit too short.”

“Keep it up. It’s a useful session! ” 

“Facilitator with positive attitude and kind-hearted”